What Can You Do About Girdling Roots?

What Can You Do About Girdling Roots?

In our previous post, we have talked about some of the symptoms of girdling roots which tree owners must detect as early as possible. This time, let us at Better City Tree Services, Inc. share a few tips on what you can do to treat and prevent girdling roots.

  • Preventing Girdling Roots

    As a high-quality provider of tree service in Bay Point, the best way for you to prevent girdling roots is by digging the correct size of your planting hole. Keep in mind, though, that a deeper planting hole is not necessarily better. At the very least, planting holes ought to be twice or thrice as wide as your trees’ or plants’ root balls and must not be deeper than the root ball. See to it that there is neither soil above the root flare nor mulch up against your tree trunks.

    If roots encircle the base of your tree’s root balls, be sure to break these up to allow their roots to normally develop. It is important that you water newly planted trees consistently, too, and periodically inspect their root flares for any defects.

  • Treating Girdling Roots

    As a tree company providing quality tree services such as tree trimming in Walnut Creek, trust us when we say that your trees’ girdling roots can be actually removed. However, you may have to consult with certified arborists to avoid damaging their trunks. Steps must be taken to ensure that your trees will experience minimal to no injury.

    On the other hand, if you wish to get away with the services of arborists, your local tree company offering tree removal in Contra Costa County suggests that you excavate the soil around girdled roots. This will enable you to uncover the entire length that you have to remove. Cut the roots at about six to twelve inches out from the trunk, finally cutting at the point where the roots attach to the trunk.

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