Understanding Defensible Space Zones


Creating defensible spaces is extremely important in helping you protect not just your property, but also your family from possible wildfires. Defensible spaces reduce the potential of damage to your property, as well as protect the firefighters who will be defending it. So, to convince you further as to the importance of creating defensible spaces for your properties, let us at Better City Tree Services, Inc. share with you what a defensible space is.

Defensible spaces are areas around a building wherein debris, vegetation, and other combustible fuels have been cleared, treated, or reduced in order to slow or stop the spread of wildfire to and from one’s property. To determine how a defensible area can be most effectively designed, information about weather, topography, and local vegetation are usually utilized, especially if the need for reliable tree service in Bay Point arises in the creation of such defensible space.

Ask a tree company providing excellent tree removal in Contra Costa County, and they will most likely tell you that there are usually two zones that make up defensible spaces. Zone 1 is designated within 30 feet of the property. Here, it is recommended that you eliminate all flammable materials (e. g., fire-prone vegetation) and regularly trim trees so as to keep branches at least ten feet away from one another. What’s more, you have the benefit of replacing this combustible litter with more desirable substitutions, such as irrigated grass and rock gardens, among others.

On the other hand, Zone 2 extends more or less 100 feet out of your property. Here, it might be a good idea for you to ask the help of a tree company who offers quality tree trimming in Walnut Creek in creating horizontal and vertical space between surrounding shrubs and trees. You may also want to check with your city’s fire department for any government-imposed requirements in creating defensible space zones.

If you need additional advice for the creation of defensible space zones near your property, call us.

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