The Best Trees to Plant for Your Backyards

As we all know, trees can live on for decades. Hence, it is important that you learn to match the right kinds of trees to your yards. Otherwise, a decision made in haste will result in a lifetime of regret. As trees add shade, color, privacy, and value to your properties, you may want to check out the common favorites of our clients at Better City Tree Services, Inc. for some ideas for your own lawn designs.

  • Tulip TreeThe tulip tree acts both as a provider of shade and as an ornamental tree. A fast-growing hardwood, it bursts with tulip-shaped flowers during the spring season while it flaunts brilliant yellow leaves in fall. It can grow to more than two feet annually and is subject to a small number of pest problems. Since it can be grown in Zones 4 through 9, trust your provider of tree service in Bay Point when we say that it is an ideal choice for homeowners whose backyards are large enough to handle its height.

  • DogwoodDogwood trees can add an aesthetical value to your backyards all year long. Its flowers blossom in spring in a profusion of pink, white, and red, and then features a luxuriant and compact canopy of greenery during the summer. Most of its varieties showcase red foliage in fall before showing off an attractive branching in winter. As it is capable of adapting to most USDA Plant Hardiness Zone in the U.S., even your local tree company offering tree removal in Contra Costa County knows that it is one of the most well-known decorative trees in the country.
  • Green Giant ArborvitaeHaving a backyard that is safe from the prying eyes of other people, is something that many homeowners hold in high regard. However, it is especially vital for owners of properties in housing subdivisions. Consequently, the “green giant” arborvitae has become a popular choice as a privacy screen. As a fast-growing evergreen, you can use tree trimming in Walnut Creek to make it great for a hedge.


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