Common Types of Tree Damage Caused by Storms

Typical weather changes do not really pose a significant obstacle for trees since they are wired to withstand normal conditions. In fact, if weather conditions are consistent, trees just usually initiate changes in their own development in order to compensate for the external stress. However, ice, snow, and some storms can exert extreme damage, thus, resulting in injuries of various levels. At this point, tree owners must then make informed decisions based on the degree of the damage received. A tree company like Better City Tree Services, Inc. can help you determine if your trees still have a fighting chance, or if they will require tree removal in Contra Costa County.

As we offer tree trimming in Walnut Creek, trust us when we say that the way you respond to storm damage should be founded primarily on the concepts of risk and sustainability. If a certain tree is likely to cause danger to people and properties, you will be left with little room for options. But, if the residual risk is of an acceptable extent and the injuries that your tree received are not life-threatening, it may still be possible to save it.

For those who weren’t aware, several types of tree damage can occur from violent weather conditions. The most common ones include windthrow and crown twist. Windthrow happens as a result of excessive winds causing an entire tree to be uprooted. Meanwhile, a crown twist happens when uneven, high winds load on the tree’s lopsided crown. As this can cause a damaging twist on its stem and major branches, dangerous splits and cracks are major issues you’ll have to contend with.

There are also other forms of storm damage, such as stem failure, branch failure, root failure, and lightning damage. Since all of these can be detrimental to your trees’ health, we recommend that you acquire the help of qualified tree experts to provide you with a prognosis. With their assistance, you can determine which type of tree service in Bay Point you will require.


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