Can You Protect Your Trees from Storm Damage?

Actually, it would be impossible for you to protect your trees from storms or to prevent damage to them as a result of weather events. However, you don’t have to overly worry. As a company offering services such as tree trimming in Walnut Creek, we have rounded up numerous measures that you can take in order to minimize tree injury. Continue reading below to find out what these are.

The best time to prepare is actually while your trees are newly planted or are still young. As a tree company experienced in tree removal in Contra Costa County, we advise you against staking or guying your trees unless absolutely necessary. Staking prevents the development of internal adjustments that are beneficial in wood growth. Hence, it would be best for you to let your trees adjust instead to local conditions by giving them the freedom to move naturally.

Another step you can take is to prune your trees. Functional pruning helps them form healthy, more wind-resistant crowns, as well as stronger structures. Eliminating codominant stems is also a good idea in order to prevent dangerous splits and cracks. Moreover, choosing a good and strong central leader for your young trees will help you avoid the loss of the whole crown at any given time. Choose branches with uniform spacing, too, when pruning, in order to retain your trees’ balance and improve symmetry.

Additionally, our tree experts at Better City Tree Services, Inc. suggest that you make it a point to inspect your trees annually for diseased, broken, dying, and dead branches. Be sure to conduct a visual assessment every after a storm event to determine what you can properly do with your damaged trees if any.

Since our expertise is in providing tree service in Bay Point, under no circumstances should any tree of yours be topped. Many people don’t know it, but topped branches often develop diseased and decaying stems, thus, making your trees more susceptible to damage.


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