Are You Purchasing High-Quality Trees?

Many people believe that picking out the best trees for their yards is easy, but the hard and simple truth is that it is not. On the contrary, buying high-quality trees does not merely involve selecting the cheapest plants or seedlings in a long line of plastic nursery pots. To do so would be the same as guaranteeing less-than-optimal results for your properties; consequently, it wouldn’t be a wonder why you would need to hire tree service in Bay Point.

As an experienced tree service company, let us tell you that many problems related to trees can actually be traced back to improper selection. Since mistakes made during this stage cannot be corrected easily, it is important then that you learn to choose only high-quality trees for your properties. High-quality trees can become long-lasting assets, while low-quality ones increase your need of having to hire tree removal in Contra Costa County as a result of costly tree problems over time. But, how would you know if you have a high-quality tree in your hands?

Generally, high-quality trees have sound roots that can adequately support healthy plant growth. They also have a strong physical form, with well-spaced branches that are firmly attached, as well as a wound-free and damage-free trunk. On the other hand, low-quality trees have their roots limited, crushed, or circling in an undersized container. Their physical forms are also weak, with multiple stems originating from the same point and branches growing into each other. In addition, their trunks are most likely filled with wounds or damage caused by incorrect tree pruning or tree trimming in Walnut Creek.

So, given all these, Better City Tree Services, Inc. recommends, that you make a careful inspection of the trees that you are potentially buying. This will enable you to identify any problems with regards to their form, injuries, or roots.


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