When Is the Best Time to Plant Your Trees?

Some tree experts argue that spring season is the best time to plant trees, while others contend that it is actually in the fall. But actually, that’s something of a trick question. Why?… because the correct response is both!

It should not come as a surprise that fall is a fine time to plant your beloved trees on your properties since freshly planted trees can put their energy into establishing quality root growth (instead of foliage) before winter comes. However, you should be also consider planting your trees during the spring season, too, because you typically get better quality trees in springtime. This is because, unlike in fall when garden centers often have sales for trees that are leftover from the spring, you can get a much better selection of fresh trees from suppliers in spring. If you are concerned about the summer heat stressing spring-planted trees even before they have a chance to grow and mature properly, don’t worry because the spring months actually provide trees plenty of time to acclimate for the summer heat.

While we at Better City Tree Services, Inc. stand as your dependable provider of tree trimming in Walnut Creek, as well as your first in quality tree service in Bay Point, we also provide you with accurate and practicable advice. We therefore do not have a strong opinion on planting your trees during summer (versus fall). It has its advantages as long as you pay considerable attention to watering (to avoid the worst of the potential disadvantages of under watered trees, which can lead to a tree’s deterioration and even death). The only time that you are absolutely discouraged from planting is late fall into winter. This is because at this time, trees are largely dormant and will not be capable of spreading their roots, especially when the grounds are prone to freezing.

Should you have other questions regarding your trees, Better City Tree Services, Inc. is ready to help. We are a tree company that also offers tree removal in Contra Costa County, among other services, so feel free to contact us.


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