A Few Tips on Caring for Your Trees (Part Two)

A Few Tips on Caring for Your Trees (Part Two)

Let’s continue where we left off! Now that you already know the first steps of proper tree care basics, read on for the rest of the tips from Better City Tree Services, Inc. below.

After knowing the right trees to plant and what you want these trees for, you should now consider the limitations of your planting site. It is vital that you consider important factors such as the height and spread of your trees when they mature, hardiness zone, soil conditions, and exposure to sunlight because these will have an impact on your trees and how often you might require tree removal in Contra Costa County.

After finding the right trees, you need to know how to select healthy trees since good health provides your trees with a lifetime of benefits. For bare root trees, determine whether they have fibrous, numerous, and moist small roots with good color. We generally recommend that you avoid trees that are potted and containerized, but if you have chosen balled-and-burlapped trees, they must have a firm soil ball, with their trunks securely tied.

On the other hand, if you want your trees to be planted in parks and along city streets, your local tree company offering tree trimming in Walnut Creek recommends that you select trees with a strong, well-developed leader, a bright, healthy bark, and which have trunks and limbs that are free from insects and mechanical injuries. Your trees must have wide-angle crotches for strength, a good trunk taper, and low branches that are well distributed around the trunk in order to prevent sun damage. The ideal spacing between branches is at least eight inches to twelve inches for most species.

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