A Few Tips on Caring for Your Trees (Part One)

A Few Tips on Caring for Your Trees (Part One)

Knowing the basics of proper tree care can help individual tree owners identify the kind and quality of care necessary for their trees to be healthy. In this regard, Better City Tree Services, Inc. is providing an overview of the essentials of proper tree care below.

Caring for your trees begins with choosing the right trees and planting them in the right location. Trees generally last a lifetime, so it’s best to make sure as early as possible that your trees will thrive where you wish to plant them. To help you select which trees you should plant in the place you want them, don’t think twice about contacting your reliable tree service in Bay Point at (925) 464-9010.

You may be asking why it is important for you to know which trees you ought to plant. This is because mistakes are easily made, and tree owners who commonly make such mistakes usually end up requiring tree removal in Contra Costa County. For instance, there are tree owners who plant large trees under utility lines, which is a mistake because these trees eventually get mutilated as they become mature. Or, they plant large evergreens close to the south side of their house, which can block warming winter sunlight. Choosing not to plant trees on the northern part of their house can also leave tree owners vulnerable to chilly winter winds.

After determining which trees are the best choice for you to plant, you can now start by defining the purpose of your new tree. Tree owners typically plant trees for aesthetic purposes, privacy, or reduction of shade and energy. Your end goal will have a significant impact on the suitability of your trees and the frequency of tree trimming in Walnut Creek that you will require.
Stay tuned for our next blog for the rest of the proper tree care essentials!

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